Disclaimer; Waterslide decals work best with tacky base, no smudge top coat or gel liquids. I strongly suggest brand ORLY Bonder (sold at Amazon and drugstores, no need of a uv light). I can not garantee the decals, if using dip liquids. Dip liquids are corrosive and can melt away the decal paper.

The decals will be more pigmented on a light color base for best result use white base.

APPLICATION; VIDEO AVAILABLE AT: (facebook group; Decals by Annick):

Step 1; do all your normal steps until top coat (do not apply your top coat.)

Step2: Cut as closed as possible the edges of the decal with small scissor. Tips; cut small slits on the decal near you cuticule line to prevent wrinkling.

Step3: Soak the decal in water for 10-15 sec. until it soaked through. Onced soaked, grab the decal (with you finger or tweezers) and bot both sides on a scott towel to remove excess water and slide the back holder.

Step4: While the decal is still wet, use preferably a clear jelly stamper to place it on your nail ; tweezers or your fingers will work too. If the decal get dry while placing it , dab some water back on it. To remove the excess decal near your cuticle, gently fil your nail and/or use a fine brush with acetone. BE CAREFUL; use very little amount of acetone, it will melt the decal.

Step5: Once completly dry, apply top coat (2X). To keep your manicure looking its best, reapply a coat of topcoat 1x/week!

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.