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Waterslide decals for nails jeans and flowers

Waterslide decals for nails jeans and flowers

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 Water transfer decals for nails

Water decals can be applied to natural nails, tips, press-ons, resin and powder finishes, gel varnish or regular varnish.

IMPORTANT: Water decals work best on sticky bases, a no-smudge top coat or with gel liquids. I strongly suggest ORLY brand Bonder (Rubberized basecoat), available in pharmacies and on Amazon. I can't guarantee decal results when used with dip liquids, as these are corrosive and can melt waterslide decal paper.

Decals on clear overlay paper will be most pigmented on a white or pale base. For decals on white paper, they can be applied directly to the nail without the need for a base color.

Decals measure 15x30mm but can be adjusted to your requirements.


Please refer to the reducible tabs below.

Please note, since computer screens, tablets and mobiles display colors differently, the actual color may vary slightly from your screen. I cannot guarantee that the color you see represents the exact color of the product.

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The price is for only 1 set of decals; each of the sets is identified by a unique number, please refer to the desired number in the photo to see how many decals included per set.

The multiple small decal sheets each measure +/- 4.25 x 3.65 inches and contain several different designs of different sizes that will add a beautiful touch to your manicures!



**Please note that due to the fact that computer, tablet and mobile screens display colors differently, the actual color may vary slightly from your screen. I cannot guarantee that the color you see represents the exact color of the product.

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Orders are processed within 5 to 7 working days.





I will send you a photo of your stamped envelope before mailing it. Once in the mail, I CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR DELAYS OR MISSED ORDER, AND THEREFORE NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS WILL BE ISSUED.****************

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Expedited parcel;
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PLEASE NOTE:  IT IS OUT OF MY CONTROL ONCE THE ENVELOPE IS IN THE HANDS OF THE POST OFFICE I CAN DO NO MORE. Delivery times can be very different during busy periods such as Black Friday or the holiday season.

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Step-by-step application instructions:


Step 1: Whatever base you do (dip or gel); do all your steps without doing the top coat.

Step 2: Cut as close as possible to the edges of the decal using scissors.

Step 3: Soak the decal in water for 10 to 15 seconds. Once soaked, grab it and blot it on a scott towel to remove as much water as possible. Slide off the backing.

Step 4: While the decal is still wet, use a clear silicone nail stamper, tweezers or your fingers to place it on your nail.

Step 5: Remove any excess from the nail by filing gently or using a fine brush and acetone. Be careful not to use too much acetone, as this will melt the decal.

Finally, once completely dry, seal with two coats of top coat.

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